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Who Was Jerry Paul?

Jerry Paul, a great teacher, an accomplished coach, a charmed life:
* Arcata High coach from 1961 to 1993
* Selected for induction into the California Coaches Hall of Fame in 1993
* Inducted into the Arcata High School Sports Hall of Fame in 1997
* Coached a multitude of boys and girls sports - golf, cross-country, tennis, track & field, 
   girls and boys basketball, athletic director 
*  Holds the H-DN record for winning 35 consecutive Big 5 Conference basketball games from 1966-1968 
* Won H-DN basketball titles in both boys & girls basketball, as well as coaching both boys & girls teams in the 
   North Coast Basketball Tournament
* Created the AIBT in 1968, one of the most reputable and longest-running high school tournaments in CA.  
   The tournament was renamed for him in 1998

This was Jerry Paul, one of Humboldt County’s most beloved, all-time great coaches!


Jerry Paul, Arcata High coach, named to state Coaches Hall of Fame


Tigers celebrate Victory!!! Coach Jerry Paul carried off the court by juniors Tim Strahan and Jim Hunter. Arcata had just won 
another League Championship and it's 34th straight league win. Spring 1967 (see photo above)

It's been a big year -- and a charmed career -- for Jerry Paul.

The Arcata High coach has a basketball tournament named for him earlier this year and now he has been named to the California Coaches Association's Hall of Fame.

The association selects between one and three coaches from all over the state for the honor every year. Paul is the second coach from this area to earn the distinction. The first was Eureka High School coach Jay Willard, inducted in 1970, "one of the all-time greats," Paul said, and he feels he is in illustrious company.

"It's hard to imagine yourself having your name with this group of people," he said.

Paul was nominated in 1989 by a fellow coach from Yreka. The screening committee talked to people who know and work with Paul, and two weeks ago they called and invited him to the induction ceremony in Walnut Creek later this month.

"I'm really deeply honored," Paul said. "I'm almost in wonderment...because there are so many coaches doing so much good .. It certainly was a surprise."

Paul, 58, has coached since 1959, the past 32 years at Arcata High School.

"My love has been basketball," he said, but he has also coached track, cross country, golf and tennis and taught physical education.

It's been a good 32 years The school's athletic program has grown and expanded to include programs for girls and new sports, such as soccer, despite tightening economic picture.

"There are a lot more sports and a lot more people involved (now)," he said. "This district has been lucky. This district has been able to hang on.

He said the Hall of Fame honor belongs to all the people who have been with him through the years, including fellow coaches, the students, friends and family.

Paul said he has received so much from his years at Arcata -- enjoyed his work so much -- that being honored for is almost too much.

"I sort of feel overwhelmed by all this. Already I've received so much satisfaction.

"I really feel lucky to has spent the majority of my life here at Arcata High School.

"The students here at the school, the staff, and the community we have here ... have been just one of the ingredients to living a very charmed professional life," he said.

From the Arcata Union 1993 Article by Karin Jenkins 


Jerry Paul Inducted to Arcata High School Hall of Fame.

Times Standard Tuesday September 29, 1998

Paul was a teacher and coach at Arcata High School from 1961 - 1993. 
He coached boys and girls varsity basketball for the Tigers. He also coached gold, cross-country and track and field during his outstanding coaching career.

His boys' varsity basketball teams set an H-DNL record by winning 35 straight conference games from 1966-68. Paul was also the first coach to win H-DNL titles in both boys and girls' basketball, as well as coaching teams in both divisions into the North Coast Section playoffs. 

Paul was inducted into the California Coaches Hall of Fame in 1993. 

Tigers celebrate Victory!!! Coach Jerry Paul carried off the court by juniors Tim Strahan and Jim Hunter. Arcata had just won another League Championship and it's 34th straight league win. Spring 1967